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Please read each Rule carefully which defines the conditions which one must govern themselves accordingly to bowl A Taste of DFW Bowling Tournaments aka “@DFW Bowling”. By registering for this tournament, he or she automatically agrees to the rules, regulations, and policies laid out therein.   Failure to read is no excuse.

Rules amended as of June 21, 2023.

@DFW Bowling Rules & Regulations

@DFW Bowling Tournaments
Event Description
Oktoberfest All-In Mixed Team Handicap Tournament is hosted by A Taste of DFW's Bowling Tournaments
aka "@DFW Bowling"

Tournament Dates:   Saturday, October 14th -and- Sunday,  October 15th, 2023
Squads:                       2 SQUADS:  Saturday, 9:00AM and 2:00PM -and- Sunday, 9:00AM and 2:00PM; May bowl both
 squads, switch out at least one bowler. If the same Team can only cash once in overall prize fund.  Each team alternate times and shifts.
Location:                    Forum Bowl, 2001 S. Great Southwest Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX  75051

Format:                       Five (5) member team consisting of at least two (2) person of the opposite gender; 
                                    Bowls three (3) games on Saturday and three (3) games on Sunday. 6 games each team
Entry Fee:                  $100 deposit non-refundable (with Team Roster) - $375.00 per Team ($75.00 per bowler) 
 Registration after September 1, 2023, is $425.00 ($85.00 per bowler)

Event Fee:                  Prize Fund $52.00; Expenses: $23.00 

Prize Ratio:                At least one (1) in six (6) entries




Each bowler must be in good standings with USBC and @DFW Bowling Tournaments. It is both the Team Captain’s and bowler’s responsibility to meet the requirements and abide by the Rules as stated in this document.  One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) deposit and Team rosters are due at time of registrationDeadline for changes is September 30, 2023, limited walk-ins, replacements and/or substitutions are accepted. You may submit your lineup)s) directly to a Tournament Director.  All bowlers must be prepared to show  ID, their USBC card, and/or complete a Form 1099.  On tournament days, entries and side action must be paid in Cash Only, No Checks, and No Tabs allowed.


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Team Cap and Handicap

The TEAM cap for this tournament is 1030.  All teams' total averages must not exceed 1030, NO EXCEPTIONS!  This also includes re-rates of an individual average that puts the team over the 1030 cap, the Team will be disqualified without a refund.  It is everyone's responsibility, including but not limited to Team Captains, Bowlers, Tournament Officials, etc... to participate and uphold integrity of the sport with fair competition. 


TEAM Handicap is 80% of 1030 (the team cap). To calculate your TEAM handicap, please total the five (5) bowler's averages; subtract the total from 1030, and then multiply the difference by 80% (.80). This will determine how many pins (per game) you all will receive for both the overall prize fund and Team event.


INDIVIDUAL Handicap is 80% of 220, with a maximum handicap of 60 pins per game for females, and 40 pins per game for males to use for individual side events and brackets.



@DFW averages are accumulated internal tournament averages from games bowled previously in @DFW Tournamentsand certain UTB Organization tournaments (prior to January 2011).  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact @DFW Tournament Director, Leritha Pride for a printout of the actual scores previously bowled in @DFW Tournaments.  In addition, @DFW reserves the right to review internal averages, re-rates, and disqualifications of other Tournament organizations to determine eligibility, entering average and/or to modify an average as deemed necessary.


It is the TEAM CAPTAIN's and each BOWLER's responsibility to verify the accuracy of his/her average and handicap (USBC Rule 319e Average Adjustment for Entry).  Failure to use or submit the correct average (including re-rates) which results in a higher handicap (or Team cap overage) before and/or during the tournament, is cause for forfeiture of entry fees and prize winnings.   Tournament Officials reserves the right to re-rate the average of any bowler whose entering average does not accurately reflect their bowler’s ability.  The Team Captain's submission of Team entry fee, signature on the entry form or completion of the recap sheet indicates all information to be acknowledged, agreed upon, and true and correct.  


  1. Current @ DFW average of 18+ games

Bowlers will use their current @DFW averages of 18+ games as of June 15, 2023. Bowlers with 72+ (plus) games will bowl off their 72 game averages until a new @DFW average of the next 18 games has been established. 


    2.  Highest 2021  - 2022 USBC book average of 36+ games

If you do not have an @DFW average (18+ games), Bowlers will use their highest 2021-2022 USBC yearbook (36+ Fall/Winter season games).  If not enough Fall/Winter season games (36+ games) in one league, we can possibly use their accumulative composite average with a review of the "prior" three (3) years history. In addition, if the USBC average is 10+ PINS LESS THAN the previous year it will trigger a review of the "prior" three (3) years history with a possible re-rate.


Any bowler who uses an average in a USBC designated sports league (challenged, sport shot, tough shot or PBA/PWBA experience) will be adjusted for handicap purposes in accordance with the chart for USBC Sport Bowling League Average Adjustment to Standard Average. PBA/PWBA bowlers, please also refer to the Rules noted in the PBA/PWBA section of this document.

USBC Youth league averages are not acceptable.  USBC Summer league averages are not acceptable (only acceptable if it's  included in a composite average  of 36+ games as described above).

   3.  Current League Averages

Due to discrepancies and controversies in numerous tournaments, A Taste of DFW Tournaments "@DFW", does not accept current league averages as verification of averages for any of @DFW Tournaments.  ​Bowlers are welcome to bowl @DFW tournaments once an USBC average of at least 36 games the previous year have been established in a sanctioned Fall/Winter league with a review of "prior" years history (or  other Tournament averages), if applicable.

   4. Non-verifiable bowlers

Non-verifiable bowlers of Rules 1 and 2 noted above for the 2021-2022 season, will use a 220 default or higher average based on a review of the prior years.   In addition, non-verifiable bowlers, without a prior year history will bowl off a 230.  PBA/PWBA bowlers, please refer to the Rules noted in the PBA/PWBA section below. 

Replacement and Substitute Bowlers

Replacement Bowlers: Replacements on the first day of the event are strictly enforced. Replacements shall be permitted at the discretion of the Team Captain and MUST bowl in the position of the original entrant; meet ALL entry requirements; and Team MUST remain under the 1030 team cap, no exceptions.  To ensure and protect the practices of using handicap and the verification thereof, a replacement bowler can only participate in "scratch" events until a thorough evaluation has been performed.

Substitution:  In the case of an emergency, substitution may be allowed.  The Team Captain may substitute a bowler with a similar average (no more than 5 pins difference) and meet ALL entry requirements and Team MUST remain under the 1030 team cap, no exceptions.  Otherwise, a Team may use the absence bowler’s blind score (10 pins less than their entering tournament average)­­­­.

PBA and PWBA Bowlers

@DFW amateur tournaments are open to PBA/PWBA bowlers and/or PBA/PWBA related tournaments winners (current or past) with the following specification:

1.    Only one (1) PBA/PWBA  bowler (current or past) or winner of a PBA related tournament is allowed to bowl on       

       each team due to PBA experience,
2.    PBA/PWBA card holders are only allowed to participate in individual SCRATCH side events, with an exception to        

       participate in the TEAM high handicap side event, and only SCRATCH brackets,
3.  PBA/PWBA bowlers who do not have a current league average MUST add 10 pins to the default average (230     

       average) due to PBA experience. 




Distribution of Team Prizes will be based on the top Total Handicap Team Series. In the event of a Tie, all positions that are involved in the tie will have their allotted amount totaled and split between the tied entrants.


Distribution of Side Events will be based on the top high category (scratch and/or handicap) and distributed after each game, if applicable. In the event of a Tie, all positions that are involved in the tie will have their allotted amount totaled and split betwee,n the tied entrants.

The prize ratio is at least one (1) in each six (6) entries. Entry Fee is $65 per bowler (Prize Fund $52 –Expenses $23.00).




Check-in starts at one (1) hour before the bowling tournament begins. Bowlers must be prepared to show ID and USBC sanctioned card.  Changes to Team rosters must be reported 45 minutes prior to tournament start.  Rearranging line-up after signing in is strictly prohibited. No bowling will be allowed on lanes prior to competition.


Practice will be 10-minutes prior to competition. Bowlers arriving late will start in the current frame with zero (0)  being given for each frame missed. If equipment fails on a pair of lanes, tournament officials can authorize completion of game or series on another pair of certified lanes.

Tournament Management


Tournament Officials reserve the right to ensure fair tournament participation, accept or reject entries at our discrepancy, and to re-rate any bowler at any time.  If re-rating puts the Team over the cap of 1030; your team will be disqualified without refunds.  It's everyone's responsibility, including but not limited to Team Captains, Bowlers, Tournament Officials, etc... to participate and uphold integrity of the sport with fair competition.  Any bowler who had their average re-rated by a local association or tournament organization must notify the tournament manager and must use the re-rated average in this tournament as well (see USBC Rule 319c).  Bowlers are to report an accumulated average of 21 or more tournament games within the last 12 months that exceeds the entering average by 15 or more pins (see Rule 319e).  Reporting of previous tournament winning shall also apply (see USBC Rule 319d).  Tournament Officials also reserve the right to refuse any bowler.


Team Captains and bowlers are responsible for accurately reporting scores to tournament officials, including side events.   Any misrepresentation or falsifying scores will not be tolerated and can disqualify the individual and the entire TEAM, and all winnings of the individual and any TEAM event must be returned immediately. In the case of disqualification, no refunds of entry fee or side action will be given.


Please observe all Tournament Official rulings noted in this document.  In addition, any protest affecting eligibility, scores bowled, or general playing rules must be addressed to the Tournament Director at the time of the infraction and before prizes are distributed.  All other rules not stated herein will be governed by USBC rules of which the more restrictive of the two will apply.


Tournament Officials will make final decisions regarding any protest and/or discrepancies.



Non-verifiable avg
DFW 18+games
Highest USBC avg
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